Chasing Mr Toad

If there was a time in my life when I was absolutely dripping in sweat, then this was it. There were beads of the stuff all over my face, and I was leaning into a blast of musty air con, only moving away to gulp down some electrolytes. I suppose that may sound like hell, … Continue reading Chasing Mr Toad

Seeds in the Sand

I may be a little biased, but I find the Australian semi-arid landscape simply stunning. What appears to be a desolate place on the surface suddenly bursts to life once you simply kneel down to the ground and take a proper look. Down there you can see tracks left by bettongs hurtling through the sand … Continue reading Seeds in the Sand

Fantastic Beasts You Could Actually Find

I recently* attended a particularly academic dinner party, at which each guest was invited to present a five-minute talk on absolutely anything. The topics covered were satisfyingly representative of my exceptional friends and their own passions and interests. We moved from a discussion of how cheap fast fashion reinforces capitalism, to why elves are essentially … Continue reading Fantastic Beasts You Could Actually Find