Where do we want this story to go?

My research is focused on an animal species that I never thought I would study: humans. Specifically my research is focused on human communication. Or, even more specifically, on how we can take a more strategic approach to communications in order to encourage greater public engagement and behaviour change for biodiversity conservation. It's a seemingly… Continue reading Where do we want this story to go?


A Selection of Pages from 2019

I started 2019 reading in a cabin on the beach in Simon’s Town, South Africa. I was reading outside on a deck staring out onto False Bay, a towel across my lap, sunscreen haphazardly slathered on my arms and legs, and a cap on my head. Sea air refreshing my lungs and skin from two… Continue reading A Selection of Pages from 2019

When in doubt, go to the library

Need some holiday reading? Gift ideas? Just want an excuse to buy some vaguely work-related novels and knock off early? I've got you covered. I've managed to read a few stellar books this year, many of which focus around the environment or natural history in one way or another, and all of which I highly… Continue reading When in doubt, go to the library

Seeds in the Sand

I may be a little biased, but I find the Australian semi-arid landscape simply stunning. What appears to be a desolate place on the surface suddenly bursts to life once you simply kneel down to the ground and take a proper look. Down there you can see tracks left by bettongs hurtling through the sand… Continue reading Seeds in the Sand

Counting Cats Off Familiar Tracks

Sometimes we can be completely oblivious to places just off our usual tracks. Australia is such a particularly vast continent that it can be somewhat awe-inspiring to consider how much of the country most Australians have never set foot in. Living in one of the smaller states, Victoria, I tend to assume I’ve pretty much… Continue reading Counting Cats Off Familiar Tracks

Fantastic Beasts You Could Actually Find

I recently* attended a particularly academic dinner party, at which each guest was invited to present a five-minute talk on absolutely anything. The topics covered were satisfyingly representative of my exceptional friends and their own passions and interests. We moved from a discussion of how cheap fast fashion reinforces capitalism, to why elves are essentially… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts You Could Actually Find

How to Train a Bilby

I was nearing the end of a research internship in the arid zone, and keen for an excuse to keep clinging on to the red sand, when a rare opportunity appeared. A chance to get up close to one of Australia’s most curious looking species: the Greater Bilby. I had caught many glimpses of bilbies… Continue reading How to Train a Bilby

A Natural History of a Blog

  I once read a novel by Sir David Attenborough, one he wrote while filming his first TV series, Zoo Quest. I have always loved Attenborough’s documentaries and his writing was equally compelling. I was right there with him as he slept in a leaking shack during a South American downpour. I was wading through bogs and fighting… Continue reading A Natural History of a Blog